Expertise and Appraisal Services

We have professionals trained in the preparation of reports for expertise and appraisal in both the purchase and sale of propertys, giving advice to determine the future potential and value.
Fair distribution between partners and heirs of furniture or properties, to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Micro finances

Between our short period future projects, OWC Group is going to support the personal endeavors and micro enterprises, through micro loans where we not only limited the service, but also give them advice of improving opportunities at no charge.

We will open the doors for small entrepreneurs who are looking to run their business and doesn’t have a positive answer in other organizations.

What are micro finances and micro credits?

«Micro finances include the provision of financial services to people of low income. It refers to a movement that conceives a world in which homes of low income have permanently access to financial quality services available to finance activities that produce income, create assets, stabilize the consumption, and provide risk protection.

Originally, the terms were closely associated to the micro credits, with very small loans to unpaid borrowers and with little or no guarantee, but they have expanded to include a variety of services such as savings, secures, payments and remittances.»

CGAP Micro finances web.

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