Residencial Bosque San Miguel FAQs

Residencial Bosques San Miguel is located in the Turrúcares district of Alajuela, 1.5 km south of the Banco Nacional. From the mega super or national bank right 1.5km, after the first bridge on the right.

  • 18 km from Alajuela downtown (32 minutes)
  • 17 km from Juan Santamaria Airport (26 minutes)
  • 19 km from Santa Ana (27 minutes)
  • 30 km from San José (37 minutes)
  • Pacific beaches (50 minutes)
  • Tilapia park (private lake)
  • Tarcoles River
  • Caldera beach (53 minutes)
  • Jaco Beach (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  • Bajamar Beach (1 hour and 5 minutes)
  • Herradura Beach (1 hour and 13 minutes)

You can use Waze to drive to Residencial Bosque San Miguel:

It has the following amenities:

  1. Hiking trails
  2. Meditation and yoga area with a view of the mountains.
  3. Camping area
  4. Picnic area
  5. Fruit trees
  6. Retention lagoon
  7. Crossfit gym
  8. Optical fiber with any company
  9. Meeting room
  10. Children’s playground
  11. Underground electrification
  12. Security with controlled access 24/7
  13. Parking for visitors
  14. Suspension bridge
  15. Charging area for electric cars
  16. Zen garden
  17. Coworking

3 bedroom house on 200 m2 lot = $137,955

  • Total area 124.08 m2
  • Living area 100.84 m2

Value of the house alone $90,955

2 bedroom house on 200 m2 lot = $130,566

  • Total area 115.86 m2
  • Living area 92.79 m2

Value of house only $83,566

1 bedroom house on 200 m2 lot = $123,317

  • Total area 107.65 m2
  • Living area 84.74 m2

Value of house only $76,317

The construction time of the houses is 14 weeks, the project will be completed in November 2021.

The project will have a total of:

  • 59 Houses
  • 32 Apartments
  • 6 Commercial Zones.

It is surrounded by forests, farms and country houses.

It will have 24/7 security with controlled access with an intelligent doorman and a virtual guard, the entire condominium will be monitored with closed circuit cameras by a security company with assistance in 5 minutes in case of any eventuality.

There are many nursery, primary schools, and high schools nearby, both public and private, within 5 to 20 minutes away.

From Atenas downtown 15 to 20 minutes away from the project:

  • Green Valley School (nursery, primary and secondary 10 km away).
  • Motesori (primary Eco school SK 7 km away)
  • Colegio Bilingüe San Rafael (high school 8.5 km)

Colegio León Learning Center (nursery and elementary school 5.1 km)

  • The walls of the houses will be 1.5 meters apart from the neighboring wall.
  • You can also personalize your front and colors.
  • If in time you want to build a second floor, you will be able to do it.
  • 80 m2 of yard.
  • Optical fiber for any company.
  • Zero smell treatment plant, we are committed to the environment.
  • The condominium streets are 10 meters wide.
  • The condominium will have 2 driveways and 1 exit, one driveway exclusively for residents and another one for visitors.
  • More than 11,000 m2 of green areas and trails.

We are open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm (UTC-6).

You can book an in-person or virtual appointment using the following link: cita 

We have lots from 200m2 to 745m2

In our Interactive Map you can see each of the lots, their price and size.

You can click on the following link:

See interactive map

The price of the Commercial Location is $40,911 plus the commercial zone’s lot.

For example, if you buy lot number 4 which has a size of 263m2 the total price would be $100,086.

The local measures 70m2, has 4 parking spaces, half bathroom and mezzanine.

Currently we only have 3 lots available.

The downpayment is $4,500 but it varies according to the bank you choose, because some finance 80% and others 90%.

We offer a Down Payment Administration Trust.

We are working with the Down Payment Administration Trust with the Mucap Bank. In this way all the credits and down payments that you give for your house will be retained by Mucap until the Group OWC fulfills the project of your house, otherwise your money is reimbursed by the trust.

With OWC Group your dreams are safe.

The condominium fee or common area maintenance fee depends on the size of the lot and costs $0.5 dollars per m2:

  • 200 m2 lots = $100
  • 300 m2 lots = $150
  • 400 m2 lots = $200
  • 500 m2 lots = $250
  • 600 m2 lots = $300
  • 700 m2 lots = $350

The approximate fee ranges around 707 dollars.

You can calculate your approximate fee in the following link:

We work with all banks, we can help you to choose among 3 to 5 banks of your preference, so you can choose the bank that offers you the best options.

Yes, we offer the Medium Class Bonus with the Mucap bank, because the process is faster.

You must meet the following requirements:

There should not exist any property under you or any family member.

We provide you with a link where you can find more details about the credit bonus.

OWC Group is the company that develops the project, in the technical part renowned companies participate in the country as: PIASA consultants, Castro & De la Torre (geotechnical studies), being these of the best in the country in their field, so that every square meter of the development is properly designed.

Yes, we have permits, as they are: Setena, Municipal Aqueducts, Meic and others

Yes, we are registered with the School of Engineers.

Yes, we are registered with the Costa Rican Cámara of Construction.

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  • Arena en Hojancha
  • Próximamente Condominio Oasis en Alajuela
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