Corporate Social Responsibility

Dinners at Any & William Bedroom Center

We bring food to homeless people at the Any & William Bedroom Center in San José


Donation of a Lot

Donation of a Lot to the Santiago Crespo Ranch Home, located in Alajuela, near the Agonía Church.

Clean Drinking Water Tank

Donation of Clean Drinking Water Tank (175 m3) to the Municipality of Alajuela for Turrucares de Alajuela.

Donation of 4 km of aqueduct to the village La Arena in Hojancha, Guanacasteca

School Supplies

Donation of school supplies to primary school children

Turrucares Delegation

Donation of soil studies to repair the drains of the Turrucares delegation.

We bring fiber optics to Turrucares


Donation of a lot to the Catholic Church in Upala, Alajuela


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