The OWC Group through its agro-forestry division RANCHO LUPITA, located in the district of Hojancha, in Guanacaste province, one of the blue areas of the world, offers to our customers a variety of products and services.

Our agro-forestry development, starts with an extensive cattle farming of a breeding foot of Grey Brahmin breed bred in 1.47m2 of grazing. the same farm have 400000m2 of forest, 7 forests of teakwood and 260000m2 of forest reforestation, all this projects are in FONAFIFO.

The property counts with beautiful and comfortable facilities, it have beautiful views of the Golfo Nicoya, and it also have its own lake. Therefore, we are starting an agro touristic project.

In Rancho Lupita we will have on sale13 farm parcels with a Golfo view for people who wants to enjoy the environmental field with its facilities.

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